Solve for X is a global community that aims to surface brilliant scientific innovations and technological breakthroughs, that have the potential to solve big global problems facing humanity.

We call these breakthrough projects, ‘Moonshots’, and we define a Moonshot as an outlier solution to a complex problem that is enabled by science or technology.

The Solve for X movement was born out of Google [X] in 2012 with the mission to create a global ecosystem of Moonshots and support individuals or teams to bring their Moonshots to life. We do this by giving projects increased visibility, and connecting them with others in our community with the subject-matter knowledge, technical expertise, and other resources to help accelerate progress.

Food & Water

Energy, Resources & Waste

Health & Genomics

AI & Robotics

Computers & Connectivity

Knowledge & Learning

Materials & Manufacturing

Security & Infrastructure


What lies behind this title? Examples of "Moonshots", which have already taken place:

First "Moonshots Sprint" by Solve for X Kyiv, September 25-26!

Are you ready to fly to the Moon with Google?

In fact you’ll get this opportunity on September 25-26! Ukraine will join the worldwide Moonshots Sprints wave! Events are held by local departments of Solve for X community powered by Google Developer Groups. In addition to GDG, Public Science, Greencubator and Hackraft became partners of the program. Amoung our mentors there are famous experts. They are: Roman Zinchenko (Energy saving), Dmytro Maltsev (Health), Tom O’Callagan (Agro/Food). The announcers will be Roman Zinchenko (Greencubator), Volodymyr Ivanov (GDG Kyiv-Center) and Andriy Rybakov (Public Science). And now we’re ready to expose a small secret — Moonshots Sprint will take place at the same time as Tesla Camp, which is widely known in Ukraine! This allowes us to unite events and so compile them into a small festival which mixes breakthrough social and scientific ideas with neoteric technologies! The marathon will last 3 days: September 25, 26 and 27 at three wonderful locations — America House, Coworking Platforma and a brand new T Shaped Crew! If you’d like to challenge yourself, fill the registration form. Hurry up, because the spots are limited and participants will be picked from the ones who filles this form. Further details will be published soon — stay tuned! During three days in September join the scientific vanguard of the humanity!


Tom O'Callaghan

Tom O’Callaghan is Director of Development at Effective Investments Company LLC, Ukraine. He has over 15 years of international management and process optimization experience spanning multiple industries across five continents.

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Dmitriy Maltsev

Maltsev Dmitry Valerievich, born in 1980 He graduated NMU AA Bogomolets in 2003 with a degree in general medicine In 2004 he passed internship on neurology and from 2005 to 2007 worked as a neurologist at Vishnevy city hospital

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Roman Zinchenko

Roman Zinchenko ­ co­founder of Greencubator, Ukrainian platform for connecting energy talents and promoting sustainable innovations. Greencubator develops eco­system for green startups, social entrepreneurship and sustainable innovations in Ukraine since 2009.

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The Global Food Chain provides both Challenges and Opportunities for Technology Developers:

  • Feeding 9 Billion People: World population has doubled in the last 40 years to 7 billion today. It is expected to grow by a further two billion to 9 billion by 2050.

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Immune dependent pathology, infectious, allergic, autoimmune diseases and cancer are the scourge of modern medecine. Billions of dollars are being spent daily to fight this diseases. Сurrent therapeutic strategies, fighting with each phenomenon separately without taking into consideration its origin (etiology), are not effective enough.

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The Energy Revolution is among the driving forces of our civilization, as well as major contributors of civilizational threats like climate change, extreme weather and threat of war. Solving global energy Challenges is really and planet‐ and humanity saving task, which also unlock huge economic potential. Just look at some vectors:

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September, 25, America House “Solve for X in UA - program opening!”

19:00-19:10 Welcome and Introduction - Christi Anne Hofland and Volodymyr Ivanov
19:10-19-15 Video Greetings from Viola Gauci, Solve for X Google
19:15-19:25 Greetings from Google Ukraine
19:25-19:35 Mentors presentations
19:35-19:45 Roman Zinchenko
19:45-19:55 Tom Callaghan
19:55-20:05 Andrii Rybakov - Dmitrii Maltsev
20:05-20:15 Fest Plan - Roman Zinchenko
20:15-20:25 Coworking Platforma - Refael Yucha
20:25-20:35 Yuliya Tkachuk

September, 26, Coworking Platforma “Moonshots Sprint - Kyiv”

16:00-16:35 Welcome, Brainstorm Brief and Mentor Introduction
16:35-16-45 Individual Ideathion
16:45-18:00 Team Prototyping
18:00-18:45 Mentor Pitches&Feedback
18:45-19:30 Re-Prototyping
19:30-20:30 Final Pitches and QA
22:00-22:30 After Party
22:00-22:30 Transfer to Tesla Camp

September, 26-27, T shaped crew Hackathon “Hack4X”

23:00-23:20 Welcome, Brainstorm Brief and Mentor Introduction
23:20-23-30 Individual Ideathion
23:30-05:45 Team Prototyping
05:45-06:30 Mentor Pitches&Feedback
06:30-07:15 Re-Prototyping
07:15-08:15 Final Pitches and QA



America House
"Opening" September 25x,
Kyiv, Mykoly Pymonenka St, 6. 19:00 - 21:00

Coworking "Platforma"
"Moonshots Sprint" September, 26
Kyiv, Magnitogorska Str., 1а, building "2"; 2 floor, +380 50 412 714, 16:00 - 21:00

T shaped crew
Hackathon “Hack4X”, September 26-27
Kyiv, Chervonozoryaniy Ave, 56/21А, 23:00 (26.09)-10:00 (27.09)


Volodymyr Ivanov

GDG Kyiv-Center, Solve for X - Kyiv founder, Theme “Agro” coordinator

Andriy Rybakov

Public Science, Theme “Health” coordinator

Roman Zinchenko

Greencubator, Theme “Energy” coordinator

Olga Yatsenko

GDG Cherkasy, designer

Alex Pazhyn

GDG Kyiv-Center, UX/UI designer

Roman Sorochan

GDG Odessa, web-developer

Sviatoslav Sydorenko

GDG Kyiv-Center, Hackraft

Anna Kurylo

Women Techmakers Kyiv, Hackraft

Tatiana Protasova

Women Techmakers Kyiv

Dmytro Chizhevsky

GDG Chernivtsi, “intern”

Andrii Maranov

Medical StartUp "ARanEd", CEO

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